Toodle Loo

Resist Resisting

Life is in perpetual change. Often the comforts of the NOW stimulate uncertainty-discomfort-adjustment to facing the NEW. However that willingness to go forward is a fundamental driver so inherent in one’s deeper self. As the “next” chapter’s pages unfold they, so often, create the wonder, the beauty, the delicious prospect of sweetening the pallet with the fresh taste of new life recipes.

That beckoning on this fella’s mind as we say “TOODLE loo” to the charm of the Cape Cod summer to return to the loveliness of our Florida home til next June.  NOT a definitive Goodbye—just a gentle TOODLE loo.

As your own life peeks at change resist resisting. Warm to the NEXT. Do not say Goodbye. Say TOODLE LOO.

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