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Self-talk is the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. It is like a record playing in our minds, mentally programing our fears, doubts, insecurities, self-image, self-esteem, expectations, judgments, disappointments – even the way we define success. The mind is a powerful tool. At any moment, we have the potential to redefine ourselves by using Self-talk to expand our horizons.


I met a young woman who explained to me she could not stop crying and hoped I might be able to provide some advice and comfort. I suggested she create a personal mantra of the things that elevated her life. Type it up. Make copies for her office, her car and her phone. Read it. Hug it. Celebrate it.

A few weeks later, I met her again. Her face was radiant with happiness. She told me she had taken my suggestion and showed me what she had written with me. I asked if I could share here words and she joyfully handed me the list she’d written.

If the following words resonate with you, I suggest you read the points out loud or to yourself. Read them when you wake up; before you go to sleep; anytime you need a reminder. There is truth here. Feel free to make this list your own by adding or subtracting to it at will. (Email your suggestions and I will add them so others can benefit too.)

The way you see yourself (and others) is a choice. You have the freedom to create the life you deserve!


  • I deserve joy
  • I deserve happiness
  • I deserve confidence
  • I deserve serenity
  • I deserve success
  • I deserve financial stability
  • I deserve strength
  • I deserve laughs
  • I deserve creativity
  • I deserve unlimited imagination
  • I deserve a great memory
  • I deserve professional success
  • I deserve mental and physical health
  • I deserve a strong heart and mind
  • I deserve harmony
  • I deserve peace
  • I deserve restful nights
  • I deserve beauty
  • I deserve friendship
  • I deserve peace
  • I deserve dry eyes
  • I deserve lips turn up
  • I deserve visions of possibilities
  • I deserve chivalry
  • I deserve love
  • I deserve romance
  • I deserve honesty
  • I deserve truthfulness
  • I deserve faithfulness
  • I deserve patience
  • I deserve caring
  • I deserve protection
  • I deserve everything I wish,
    everything I want, everything I wrote.

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