Slice of Pizza

Saliva streams as casual supper host flipped open the boxes with luscious variety of still hot pizzas: extra cheese/sausage/diced black olives and peppers colorfully resting on razor thin pepperoni. The extravagance of variety assured more than just a slice of pizza.

Hostess chopped accompanying fresh salad standing in full bowl abundance as the squadron of dressings sought favor. Plates overflowing, guests settled into a comfortable banter of topics: childhood memories–hints of nostalgia for neighborhoods where every parent was parent to all–no doors were locked–band aids at the ready for any skinned knee–games and races and mysteries all in instant readiness for THAT neighborhood kid. A warm exchange.

Favorite music the next topic. Subtle hints tiptoeing toward mild gossip popped up for brief spotlight. Then a reflective pause to bask in the sunshine of “pals.” Murmured agreement that the truly rich life is anchored in FAMILY and FRIENDS. That valedictory shine was a perfect farewell thought. All confirming why these precious few hours ripe with satisfaction for so much more than a slice of pizza.

We all deserve such experiences. Be open to them. Never settle for just a slice.

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