Paul Anka

Paul Anka’s “My Way”

At age 75, Paul Anka’s performance at the Cape Cod Melody Tent was a treasure to the ears. Spectacular choreographed videos framed the tent walls, embracing an impressive variety of major stars he wrote songs for. Starting from age 13, as Paul learned piano and guitar, he just kept on keeping on as magic flowed from his mind, soul and fingers. He wrote songs like: “Diana,” “Put Your Head on my Shoulder,” “Let Me Try Again,”  “Mack the Knife.”  Plus, a specific request from Frank Sinatra for a song that might live on after he was gone.

frank-sinatra-1281484_640Paul told the audience that he sat down at his piano late one night and wandered memory lane about his perceptions of Frank Sinatra. He was fair minded, fought for full rights of minorities, and seemed not to marry well until his last wife, Barbara, appeared to tame him. He was independent, multi-talented, a fierce and loyal friend. All coalesced into the single thought that “Frank Sinatra proclaimed to the universe that he DID IT MY WAY.” That single thought compelled Paul Anka to work all night to finish the music and lyrics for “My Way,” which became the defining anthem for Sinatra.

As Paul Anka shared this story he added a sentence which deserves to describe each of us:  “That song,” he said, “ as well as all my songs were never about money. They and my very life were and are about my PASSION to share and to serve.”

We each have passion within us. How great it is when we share our passion while smiling to ourselves, “I’m doing it my way!” Treasure the day.

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