Cape Cod Mill
The Wednesday morning Cape Cod pals have been meeting for discussion and breakfast for several decades. Mix of former surgeons–chief medical officer of hospital–chemist/owner of test lab and PHD/entrepreneur launcher of wide variety of successful businesses.

The group chat begins at 6:30 a.m. in the entrepreneur’s business office, which overflows with huge piles of varied items. When gently accused of being a “hoarder,” he demurs to suggest that he is merely a “collector.”

Arriving at 6 a.m., he offered me two framed letters written by his daughter and son some years ago. As I read their warm, specific references to all he consistently did to pour love their way–I told him these letters and those children are his legacies. Both were framed by his persistent adoration of each. He told me those framed letters saved among his life path treasures.

That sharing touched my heart as I paused to think again of my own five treasured children. They are my legacies. They are my treasures. They are my heart warmers.

Think now of treasures in your life. Find a way to let each know of your gratitude for housing legacy within their being. Unless expressed in being grateful the legacy may not be active. Go ahead —activate yours.

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