Jewel Pals

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Local Cape Cod Times columnist, Lawrence Brown, wrote an uplifting and thoughtful column a few weeks back, which led to this blog post about “jewel pals.” I reacted with an email compliment. He responded with suggestion we sip a coffee together. We did. Then we set couples supper to find a sweet compatibility.

He and his wife are both fascinating “thinkers,” articulate, informed, curious. We dined at their home where the simple, home cooked meal featured organic vegetables grown in their garden. Every item served was organic–including the ice cream dessert.

Lawrence is a humanities professor in a local school where he encourages students to “make history ” in their life path. He shared home video of his recent motorcycle ride through the majestic Adirondack Park in upstate New York. His office includes an array of sail boat models he builds from file folder paper. Exquisite.

His wife proudly showed us her outdoor clothes line, which invites the fresh air fragrance. (Can you recall the last time you saw/used a clothesline?)

Knowing them better was like discovering the multi-facet brilliance of a stunning jewel. All that flowing from a simple gesture of gratitude for his inviting one to “think” in his local column.

We should always be reaching out to welcome fresh “jewel pals” into our life tapestry. Pays off. Dividends deep. Feelings stimulated.

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