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As many of you know, I enjoy sharing my life stories in the hopes of empowering others to move forward in their lives. With this in mind, I am updating a previous blog entry with an invitation to contribute a story for one or both of my upcoming new books: “The Moment: From the Darkness of Addiction to the Hope of Recovery” & “My Lucky Moments: Leaping When Destiny Calls” Following are more details about each one. Scroll to the end of the blog to find out how to submit your story and download a PDF to share this invitation with others.

From the Darkness of Addiction to the Hope of Recovery

My name is Bob Danzig and I am the proud father of a former alcoholic, now a substance abuse therapist, a professional interventionist and a Harley guy. Inspired by my son’s journey, I am compiling an anthology of stories to highlight the PIVOTAL MOMENT when someone gripped by addiction took their first step towards recovery. These stories will be combined and published (in print and eBook) in a book entitled: The Moment: From the Darkness of Addiction to the Hope of Recovery.

My objective in gathering these stories is to demonstrate that real change CAN occur, to identify the most common elements of recovery, and to offer readers affirming “self-talk” to support and empower their life choices. Would you or someone you know like to contribute a story about the “pivotal moment” you moved from addiction to recovery?

I realize there may be similarities in some of the stories and welcome repetition. In fact, repeat patterns may be key stepping-stones to recovery.

Naturally, you may use your name with your story or you can remain anonymous. I hold your contact information in strictest confidence and assure you it is for our records only, but require it during the initial phase of compiling the book in case we need to contact you.

Leaping When Destiny Calls

I warmly invite you to write a story about “positive life-path influential breaks” you have experienced.

To me, the cobblestones of our life paths represent patterns composed by our natural abilities–our innate gifts–our influences from the variety of people who have guided, endorsed and encouraged us. I have also noticed “breaks” which had mighty influence IF we accepted–latched onto–embraced that opportunity.

Example: At a recent concert a major pop star spoke of being from a poor family with six children. He was the only child with an interest in music. His father bought him a used piano as a gift, but on delivery they found the piano would not fit through the door of their first floor flat. He watched his father take colored pieces of felt and take the piano completely apart–setting each part on a felt cloth. His dad then took the pieces to their home and rebuilt the piano in their living room.  He said that watching him was the break that inspired the engine of his success.

Each of us experiences some breaks IF we grasp them. My hope is that this collection of stories will encourage readers to embrace the nurturing presence of breaks in their own lives.

These stories will be combined and published (in print and eBook) in a book entitled: My Lucky Moments: Are you Ready for Yours?


Kindly email ALL stories and questions to:
Please include: (1) The name of the book you are submitting a story for. (2) Your full name and email. (3) How you would like your name to appear. (Anonymous is fine.)


I appreciate your being part of these meaningful projects. If you would like some help or support writing, my colleague Kira Rosner would be happy to assist you. Either Kira or I will be in touch with further details as these books evolve.

Share this invitation with a friend. Click here to download a PDF.

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