English Grace

Gratitude on the London Tube

London TubeRoad construction impeded ‘above ground’ travel in London–which encouraged us to dare accessing underground tube.  Lost quickly , found us sardine packed in subway car. No movement for a long 10 minutes, the petite blonde nestled right next to us asked our destination.  We, in turn, asked if she could guide us to an alternate route.

Her name was Marian. She held our hands as it were to insure we were safely on our way. The entire process meant she now had to wholly reverse the route she was taking home. She gave us an hour of her time, then sent the following message.

Dear Dianne and Bob,

What a pleasure it was to meet you this evening.  I do hope you arrived at your hotel safely and must apologise for dragging you up a broken escalator and on three packed trains but now you’ve seen the worst of London’s transport system.  I promise that your experience on the tube tonight is not typical and it usually runs fairly smoothly, although it’s often crowded most lines being about 150 years old.

I’m not sure if you check emails regularly but I hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable, the weather looks reasonable, perhaps a spot of rain on Friday but being positioned between four different weather fronts, it all depends on which wind direction blows hardest which is perhaps why the weather is a major topic of conversation in Britain.

I have to confess that I have little knowledge of Boston Mass other than its approximate location but it is equal to my knowledge of Boston, Lincolnshire which is about 3 hours from London in a car!  With airline travel the world is such a small place now that it’s hard to keep up.

I shall be in town again on Friday meeting a group of walkers based at Wiltons Music Hall in the East End (the oldest Grand Music Hall in the world 1850-1880, a conversion of five houses built in the 17th century – we’re good at “old” here).

I expect you’ll find plenty to do and see in your remaining time here and I wish you a safe and uneventful journey back to Boston Mass.

With very best wishes, Marian

*Of course the message to all is to shout out “gratitude” when anyone shares their precious time with us and to be ready in our hearts when a stranger needs guidance.  With all the historic  presence of London—it will be the grace of Marian most deeply etched on our memories of this golden place. She shines the most.

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