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Bob Danzig shares his view on magic moments… Adoration  “Adoration” is a mighty good word for any parent to feel for their child. My own sense of adoration soared as my #2 daughter, Marsha, joined my wife Dianne and I for a New Year’s Eve Gala. I found it thrilling to be on the dance floor with Marsha, as smooth a Ginger Rogers ... Read More »

Father Daughter Survival

"Throughout the most difficult health challenges, Marsha was the lit candle that helped our family embrace spirit." Read More »

Joy is a Choice

Recently,  I was able to  quietly slip into a booksigning and talk given by my precious daughter Marsha, a gifted author, dancer, and the founder of Yoga for Amputees. Before I arrived, she had already backgrounded the attendees on her many life challenges with severe illnesses. A questioner asked, “How are you so cheerful after what you described to us? Marsha held up her book, Fierce Joy. ... Read More »