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Toodle Loo

Resist Resisting Life is in perpetual change. Often the comforts of the NOW stimulate uncertainty-discomfort-adjustment to facing the NEW. However that willingness to go forward is a fundamental driver so inherent in one’s deeper self. As the “next” chapter’s pages unfold they, so often, create the wonder, the beauty, the delicious prospect of sweetening the pallet with the fresh taste ... Read More »

Neil Diamond

Touching Hands Two words anchored in the musical gifts of Neil Diamond which induced an audience full of strangers to lift their arms high and–touch hands. Supping with pals I was angled to see a couple at the next table weave their fingers in tender touch as they sipped wine together. Their touching fingers moved ever so tenderly as their ... Read More »


The Wednesday morning Cape Cod pals have been meeting for discussion and breakfast for several decades. Mix of former surgeons–chief medical officer of hospital–chemist/owner of test lab and PHD/entrepreneur launcher of wide variety of successful businesses. The group chat begins at 6:30 a.m. in the entrepreneur’s business office, which overflows with huge piles of varied items. When gently accused of being ... Read More »

Blue Man Group

Breathtaking is not hyperbolic description of the creative masterpiece called “Blue Man Group.” Intensely rhythmic drumming is the solo sound surrounding a literal explosion of second after second bursts of creative action. A stunning tribute to MAN’S deep and perpetual creativity. That night bumped right into the outdoor wedding of Trinity and Seth. An outdoor venue set in Red Rock Mountains ... Read More »

Creativity, Inc.

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull  My son Matt is a multi-talented artist and the Co-founder and Senior Art Director of IMVU.  Matt and his team recently went to hear Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar Animation Studios, speak.  Matt arrived early and had a chance to speak with Ed directly. They discussed the importance of keeping art and music ... Read More »