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Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership I define success as the etching one leaves on the lives he or she is privileged to touch. Applied to business, this model merges the needs of employee/colleagues with corporate goals. As the following story illustrates, incorporating this model is not always the most economical short term decision–but successful leaders fuse a longer term view and recognize the ... Read More »

A Father’s Choices

Arits fled Ethiopia for political asylum in the US. He set up life in Seattle, met his wife, and fathered two sons. An electrical engineer, he was not allowed to work here unless he went to college again to satisfy license needs. He could not afford that and became a taxi driver. He chose the 3 a.m. shift start to insure ... Read More »

The Effective Leader

I was interviewed recently by Sam Silverstein, an impressive talent with an online magazine, who specializes in “accountability.”  In questioning me about the value of accountability in business, I told him that the ordinary metrics for sales figures, engineering and production are sensible. However, in my experience and judgment, one must push aside that concept when dealing with the creative ... Read More »

Italian-Chinese Dream/Action

This is a true story from a 91 yr. old Chinese woman who sat next to met at dinner recently. (Her porcelain skin looked as if she were 41.) I asked about her parents coming from China and she shared this wonderful story: Her father arrived as a young teen from China dreaming of the day he would open his ... Read More »

Leadership & Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? Management is of the utmost importance to business innovation. However, when separating management and leadership like strands of a rope wound tightly together, the discreet elements suggest that management is about today and leadership is about tomorrow. Management is a series of learned attributes; leadership relies on inherent capabilities. Managements is about ... Read More »