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The Wednesday morning Cape Cod pals have been meeting for discussion and breakfast for several decades. Mix of former surgeons–chief medical officer of hospital–chemist/owner of test lab and PHD/entrepreneur launcher of wide variety of successful businesses. The group chat begins at 6:30 a.m. in the entrepreneur’s business office, which overflows with huge piles of varied items. When gently accused of being ... Read More »

Paul Anka

Paul Anka’s “My Way” At age 75, Paul Anka’s performance at the Cape Cod Melody Tent was a treasure to the ears. Spectacular choreographed videos framed the tent walls, embracing an impressive variety of major stars he wrote songs for. Starting from age 13, as Paul learned piano and guitar, he just kept on keeping on as magic flowed from his ... Read More »

4 Wheels-2 Hearts-1 Kiss

4 Wheels-2 Hearts-1 Kiss Mezzanine at Doral Conference Center.  A glass wall with view of the swimming pool and hot tub. I observe a Korean male nurse wheeling 2 seniors, a man and a woman, towards the hot tub. Man is very bent over in the wheelchair–looks like a severe stroke victim. The woman, bent a bit in her wheelchair, ... Read More »

Leader Joy

Creating Leader Joy I’d like to invite you to listen to my recent radio interview on Straight Up with Chris : Real Talk on Business & Parenthood. Here is the episode description: We are all faced with many life difficulties. The key is how we navigate through the tough challenges. Often it is a kind word or luck that helps us ... Read More »

Progressive Forum

Progressive Forum The average age is 85 yrs. for a cluster of people who label themselves, “The Progressive Forum.”  Today’s entertainment is singing grannies and one former showgirl. There is a patient lull in the room while they maneuver to the front of the room, either very slowly or on walkers. Then, “the singing grannies” burst into song, six in ... Read More »

Power of Adversity

Self-talk: Turning Limitation to Inspiration My wife and I were among ten dinner guests at a party, most we were meeting for the first time.  The guest across the table was Ike, a mid 70’s former owner of a financial investment firm.  I complimented him on his obvious physically fit trim body.  He told me he plays softball three times ... Read More »

Shakespeare’s Joy of Life

Bob Danzig Relies on Shakespeare I just left the CEO of a major organization who is struggling with an onslaught of difficult news impacting the staff morale. Yet, their top team has a very positive new strategic series of moves ready to share with the staff. She sought guidance for a phrase that might ignite fresh hope with her colleagues. My ... Read More »

Everyone Has A Story

“The Chat House” coffee shop on Cape Cod offers a monthly “story” program. A theme is decided and folks show up to simply share a story while sipping a tea or coffee. Some 40 in audience hearing a potent variety of stories from 10 who had advance volunteered. The story range was delicious–from raw humor to moving inspiration. It warmed ... Read More »

The Poetry of Poetry

I attended my first ever poetry reading session a few night ago in Cape Cod. I was actually there to support my daughter Marsha, who was among the readers.  Expected lofty, exotic stuff and was prepared to suffer through it all. To my delight, a powerful first reading was followed by more powerful series of poets reading their marvelous materials. ... Read More »

Why Yield to Temptation?

Why yield to the temptation to write a book? Why risk creating something unworthy or etching a work with the implication of perpetual presence? Because you have a voice and something meaningful to say. When that singular impulse rises in you, toss away fear of risk. Celebrate your impulse by taking action, and hug the prospect of achievement and permanence. This ... Read More »