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For the Grace of God

There, but for the Grace of God, Go I Only 8 words. Said, often silently, when some challenged soul passes our way. Very rare to KNOW anything about that person. Today, walking Cape Cod beach. Looked out at a strong swimmer breaking the waves with his long armed stride. When I turned back from the walkway end,  he was sitting on ... Read More »

Gay Pride

Gay Pride Parade Attended Provincetown annual Gay Pride Parade. A wide variety of costumes lingering between highly creative and bizarre. Found the latter a heap more interesting. 25 years ago these revelers would be stoned by crowds. Now they marry-adopt kids-achieve serenity. It’s proof that mankind keeps emerging-growing-loving. Plus having tons more fun. Glad the 25 years gone. Read More »

4 Wheels-2 Hearts-1 Kiss

4 Wheels-2 Hearts-1 Kiss Mezzanine at Doral Conference Center.  A glass wall with view of the swimming pool and hot tub. I observe a Korean male nurse wheeling 2 seniors, a man and a woman, towards the hot tub. Man is very bent over in the wheelchair–looks like a severe stroke victim. The woman, bent a bit in her wheelchair, ... Read More »

Peace Versus Speed

Choosing Serenity Those Eastern folk fortunate enough to chase the sun in Florida often drive the high speed, car and truck filled I-95. I have often done that myself with fingers gripped on the steering wheel and anxious eyes weaving between the army of trucks. A Cape Cod pal suggested an alternative through the back roads of Pennsylvania/Viginia/ West Virginia ... Read More »


At 21st birthday of my grandson, a third year acting student in California. Guests included pals from high school who flew cross country and current classmates. Those college students each had an aura of “talent light” around them. Singing-dancing-improvisational acting–they shared talents with a brilliant shine. Set me thinking that everyone of us has an essence worthy of sharing. A ... Read More »

Richness of Spirit

Tear Ducts—a funeral service for a 91 year old Mom of a pal.  Celebration of a life well lived.  Her first son gave eulogy that traced the caring family support for he and his two siblings which flowed from his Mother. He gave many specific examples of what it meant to grow up with the feeling of spirit hugs and ... Read More »

No One Way Streets, Please

I am offering a new class at the local community center while summering in Cape Cod.   The facility offers heaps of parking and a staff who exude a sense of welcome. One couple attending described a bit of their background before mentioning they were celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary. They were 22 yrs. when they married. Both were asked by classmates ... Read More »

Sex and the Single Girl

After her breakthrough book, Sex and the Single Girl, Helen Gurley Brown became the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was a star in all she touched. On her passing, she urged that a large part of her estate be used to develop truly unique programs to embrace low-income, disadvantaged kids. I was privileged to be in New York City ... Read More »