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Toodle Loo

Resist Resisting Life is in perpetual change. Often the comforts of the NOW stimulate uncertainty-discomfort-adjustment to facing the NEW. However that willingness to go forward is a fundamental driver so inherent in one’s deeper self. As the “next” chapter’s pages unfold they, so often, create the wonder, the beauty, the delicious prospect of sweetening the pallet with the fresh taste ... Read More »


The Wednesday morning Cape Cod pals have been meeting for discussion and breakfast for several decades. Mix of former surgeons–chief medical officer of hospital–chemist/owner of test lab and PHD/entrepreneur launcher of wide variety of successful businesses. The group chat begins at 6:30 a.m. in the entrepreneur’s business office, which overflows with huge piles of varied items. When gently accused of being ... Read More »

Hospice Room 2

When Norma arrived at hospice to visit her beloved sister, Marian, she found the staff welcoming–the facility sparkling–the atmosphere warm. When she gave Marian’s name, she was guided to Room 2. When she stepped into the room, the nurse attendant hugged her and said she would step aside to allow Norma private time with Marian. This was the first time Norma ... Read More »

Jewel Pals

Local Cape Cod Times columnist, Lawrence Brown, wrote an uplifting and thoughtful column a few weeks back, which led to this blog post about “jewel pals.” I reacted with an email compliment. He responded with suggestion we sip a coffee together. We did. Then we set couples supper to find a sweet compatibility. He and his wife are both fascinating “thinkers,” articulate, informed, ... Read More »

Slice of Pizza

Saliva streams as casual supper host flipped open the boxes with luscious variety of still hot pizzas: extra cheese/sausage/diced black olives and peppers colorfully resting on razor thin pepperoni. The extravagance of variety assured more than just a slice of pizza. Hostess chopped accompanying fresh salad standing in full bowl abundance as the squadron of dressings sought favor. Plates overflowing, ... Read More »

Beatles Salute

Las Vegas. The cavernous stage of Cirque du Soleil was a kaleidoscope of creativity in a mesmerizing salute to the Beatles. The entire audience seemed whisked back to childhood when every color, shape, shade of light, elastic-limbed acrobat and photo cluster of the young Beatles moved as one in a series of WOW moments. When one asks what affirms the ... Read More »

Blue Man Group

Breathtaking is not hyperbolic description of the creative masterpiece called “Blue Man Group.” Intensely rhythmic drumming is the solo sound surrounding a literal explosion of second after second bursts of creative action. A stunning tribute to MAN’S deep and perpetual creativity. That night bumped right into the outdoor wedding of Trinity and Seth. An outdoor venue set in Red Rock Mountains ... Read More »

Blue Mist

Beach Treasures The welcome fog-like rain quiets the ocean surface and reminds me of the deep value of serenity. Alone here sipping a coffee, until peeking thru the foggy rain are two blue rain coated figures, poking at the sand. As they approach my car, I hit the window button making it just wide enough to speak through. “What prompts ... Read More »

English Grace

Gratitude on the London Tube Road construction impeded ‘above ground’ travel in London–which encouraged us to dare accessing underground tube.  Lost quickly , found us sardine packed in subway car. No movement for a long 10 minutes, the petite blonde nestled right next to us asked our destination.  We, in turn, asked if she could guide us to an alternate route. ... Read More »

Invitation Update

As many of you know, I enjoy sharing my life stories in the hopes of empowering others to move forward in their lives. With this in mind, I am updating a previous blog entry with an invitation to contribute a story for one or both of my upcoming new books: “The Moment: From the Darkness of Addiction to the Hope of Recovery” ... Read More »