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Free Business Telesummit

Business Fitness There is still time to sign up for the Free Telesummit entitled: “Business Fitness for Peak Performance: How to Make Small, Impactful Changes to Accelerate Your Success!” Enjoy creative tips and insights from outstanding business leaders, authors and thinkers! Each day, starting on Monday October 20th and running through until October 31st (except weekends), you’ll receive a link to an interview with ... Read More »

Creativity, Inc.

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull  My son Matt is a multi-talented artist and the Co-founder and Senior Art Director of IMVU.  Matt and his team recently went to hear Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar Animation Studios, speak.  Matt arrived early and had a chance to speak with Ed directly. They discussed the importance of keeping art and music ... Read More »

Leader Joy

Creating Leader Joy I’d like to invite you to listen to my recent radio interview on Straight Up with Chris : Real Talk on Business & Parenthood. Here is the episode description: We are all faced with many life difficulties. The key is how we navigate through the tough challenges. Often it is a kind word or luck that helps us ... Read More »

Great Team Work

Some dozen bubbling teenage girls waving signs for a carwash to support their school field hockey team — a golden invitation to drive in rather than drive by. When my place inline was #1, an apologetic teen asked me to roll my window down. She, sadly, told me they were “missing a nozzle” for the second hose and the wash ... Read More »

The Poetry of Poetry

I attended my first ever poetry reading session a few night ago in Cape Cod. I was actually there to support my daughter Marsha, who was among the readers.  Expected lofty, exotic stuff and was prepared to suffer through it all. To my delight, a powerful first reading was followed by more powerful series of poets reading their marvelous materials. ... Read More »

America’s Naval Champions

Driving cross county, my wife and I stopped in Annapolis, where we visited the Naval Academy. There, we learned about the stunning daily discipline of every cadet. Our host pointed out that the 1200 cadets accepted (from 20,000 applicants) all have something in common. Each has a cluster of champions advocating for them. My impulse is recollection of my book “Every Child ... Read More »

The Effective Leader

I was interviewed recently by Sam Silverstein, an impressive talent with an online magazine, who specializes in “accountability.”  In questioning me about the value of accountability in business, I told him that the ordinary metrics for sales figures, engineering and production are sensible. However, in my experience and judgment, one must push aside that concept when dealing with the creative ... Read More »

Italian-Chinese Dream/Action

This is a true story from a 91 yr. old Chinese woman who sat next to met at dinner recently. (Her porcelain skin looked as if she were 41.) I asked about her parents coming from China and she shared this wonderful story: Her father arrived as a young teen from China dreaming of the day he would open his ... Read More »

Leadership & Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? Management is of the utmost importance to business innovation. However, when separating management and leadership like strands of a rope wound tightly together, the discreet elements suggest that management is about today and leadership is about tomorrow. Management is a series of learned attributes; leadership relies on inherent capabilities. Managements is about ... Read More »