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A Father’s Choices

Arits fled Ethiopia for political asylum in the US. He set up life in Seattle, met his wife, and fathered two sons. An electrical engineer, he was not allowed to work here unless he went to college again to satisfy license needs. He could not afford that and became a taxi driver. He chose the 3 a.m. shift start to insure ... Read More »

Joy is a Choice

Recently,  I was able to  quietly slip into a booksigning and talk given by my precious daughter Marsha, a gifted author, dancer, and the founder of Yoga for Amputees. Before I arrived, she had already backgrounded the attendees on her many life challenges with severe illnesses. A questioner asked, “How are you so cheerful after what you described to us? Marsha held up her book, Fierce Joy. ... Read More »

Sex and the Single Girl

After her breakthrough book, Sex and the Single Girl, Helen Gurley Brown became the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was a star in all she touched. On her passing, she urged that a large part of her estate be used to develop truly unique programs to embrace low-income, disadvantaged kids. I was privileged to be in New York City ... Read More »

Why Yield to Temptation?

Why yield to the temptation to write a book? Why risk creating something unworthy or etching a work with the implication of perpetual presence? Because you have a voice and something meaningful to say. When that singular impulse rises in you, toss away fear of risk. Celebrate your impulse by taking action, and hug the prospect of achievement and permanence. This ... Read More »

America’s Naval Champions

Driving cross county, my wife and I stopped in Annapolis, where we visited the Naval Academy. There, we learned about the stunning daily discipline of every cadet. Our host pointed out that the 1200 cadets accepted (from 20,000 applicants) all have something in common. Each has a cluster of champions advocating for them. My impulse is recollection of my book “Every Child ... Read More »

Let It Rip

Sent this note to my daughters today: “I just picked up two floral bouquets for Kira’s mom Bea, who will be 93 yrs. in September. Every time I go to work with Kira, my webdesign queen, Bea is sweeping out the front door enroute to serving someone. But first, she gives me a warm “arms flung high” hug as a greeting. ... Read More »