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Dear friends, Announcing the release of my latest anthology Fresh Start Moments: True Stories to Ignite Passion & Purpose! It’s currently available at all your favorite online bookstores in hardcover. Paperback and eBook to follow within the next few weeks. I am pleased to say we are getting a number of orders for Fresh Start Moments. Thank you to those who ... Read More »

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery: An Invitation to Share Your Journey Dear friends, I am the proud father of Steve Danzig, a former alcoholic – now a board registered Interventionist and Drug and Alcohol Counselor, the Executive Director at New Freedom Academy, and a Harley guy. Inspired by Steve’s journey, I am compiling an anthology of stories to highlight the PIVOTAL MOMENT when someone ... Read More »

For the Grace of God

There, but for the Grace of God, Go I Only 8 words. Said, often silently, when some challenged soul passes our way. Very rare to KNOW anything about that person. Today, walking Cape Cod beach. Looked out at a strong swimmer breaking the waves with his long armed stride. When I turned back from the walkway end,  he was sitting on ... Read More »

Gay Pride

Gay Pride Parade Attended Provincetown annual Gay Pride Parade. A wide variety of costumes lingering between highly creative and bizarre. Found the latter a heap more interesting. 25 years ago these revelers would be stoned by crowds. Now they marry-adopt kids-achieve serenity. It’s proof that mankind keeps emerging-growing-loving. Plus having tons more fun. Glad the 25 years gone. Read More »

Courage & Survival

Courage & Survival This morning I began to think about my lovely daughter Marsha and her brutally honest book Fierce Joy. Marsha has been through so much in her young life and has faced every challenge by seeking the high road.  Her courage in the face of adversity is a constant source of inspiration to everyone who knows her.  Marsha was ... Read More »

Creativity, Inc.

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull  My son Matt is a multi-talented artist and the Co-founder and Senior Art Director of IMVU.  Matt and his team recently went to hear Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar Animation Studios, speak.  Matt arrived early and had a chance to speak with Ed directly. They discussed the importance of keeping art and music ... Read More »

Power of Adversity

Self-talk: Turning Limitation to Inspiration My wife and I were among ten dinner guests at a party, most we were meeting for the first time.  The guest across the table was Ike, a mid 70’s former owner of a financial investment firm.  I complimented him on his obvious physically fit trim body.  He told me he plays softball three times ... Read More »


Bob Danzig shares his view on magic moments… Adoration  “Adoration” is a mighty good word for any parent to feel for their child. My own sense of adoration soared as my #2 daughter, Marsha, joined my wife Dianne and I for a New Year’s Eve Gala. I found it thrilling to be on the dance floor with Marsha, as smooth a Ginger Rogers ... Read More »

Father Daughter Survival

"Throughout the most difficult health challenges, Marsha was the lit candle that helped our family embrace spirit." Read More »

Door Closes, Door Opens

While sharing darkish lounge area at San Francisco hotel, chap across from me began an early morning chat. Told me he was ‘small boat builder’. Had started as engineer, Then became a major dealer sales rep for very large boat company. He designed and proposed a new small boat entry to their line and was turned down. He quit, rented ... Read More »