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Tradition Counts

Creating Traditions  I met a sales lady at Pier 1. She had been a professional ballet dancer and later became a teacher. Now retired, she lives in Cape Cod.  She danced with the New York City Ballet, which summered at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  I was on their Board with my dear pal, Lew Swyer. When Lew became chairman of SPAC, ... Read More »

Names Matter

The Power of a Name It is pleasing to see how the face tone changes when a server in a restaurant is asked, “What is your name?”  A smile pops.  And then, when you recall that name during the event, you can feel  that person’s warmth .  One’s name, spoken with genuine interest, is like a bath in warm milk.   ... Read More »

Leader Joy

Creating Leader Joy I’d like to invite you to listen to my recent radio interview on Straight Up with Chris : Real Talk on Business & Parenthood. Here is the episode description: We are all faced with many life difficulties. The key is how we navigate through the tough challenges. Often it is a kind word or luck that helps us ... Read More »

Awkward Moments

Self-Effacing Humor Five  years ago in Spokane, Washington, I was speaking to top Leaders in the Agriculture world. Poised on traditional stool. Spent 4 hours speaking smack in front ofthe 25 audience. At first break, an attendee points out that  I  am wearing 2 DIFFERENT Shoes. Packing error.  This week speaking in Denver to another Leadership group of 25.Four  hours. First segment. Seated on stool ... Read More »

Spirit in the Workplace

Raising the Spirit Quotient Spirit is never really absent in any of us, in or out of the workplace. However, it can lie dormant. When it does, it may as well be absent. When I was at the helm of Hearst Newspapers, my biggest thrill was acquiring a business with a “neutral” spirit quotient. My challenge was to bring it ... Read More »

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership I define success as the etching one leaves on the lives he or she is privileged to touch. Applied to business, this model merges the needs of employee/colleagues with corporate goals. As the following story illustrates, incorporating this model is not always the most economical short term decision–but successful leaders fuse a longer term view and recognize the ... Read More »

Success & Balance

The Key to Success and Balance When I do a keynote workshop for CEO folk, two questions are always in the mix: (1) How do I define success? (2) How did I balance career and family? I always answer by advising the audience the odds are high that they will not find my answers attractive. I define success as “life ... Read More »

Great Team Work

Some dozen bubbling teenage girls waving signs for a carwash to support their school field hockey team — a golden invitation to drive in rather than drive by. When my place inline was #1, an apologetic teen asked me to roll my window down. She, sadly, told me they were “missing a nozzle” for the second hose and the wash ... Read More »

A Father’s Choices

Arits fled Ethiopia for political asylum in the US. He set up life in Seattle, met his wife, and fathered two sons. An electrical engineer, he was not allowed to work here unless he went to college again to satisfy license needs. He could not afford that and became a taxi driver. He chose the 3 a.m. shift start to insure ... Read More »

Sex and the Single Girl

After her breakthrough book, Sex and the Single Girl, Helen Gurley Brown became the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was a star in all she touched. On her passing, she urged that a large part of her estate be used to develop truly unique programs to embrace low-income, disadvantaged kids. I was privileged to be in New York City ... Read More »