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At 21st birthday of my grandson, a third year acting student in California. Guests included pals from high school who flew cross country and current classmates. Those college students each had an aura of “talent light” around them. Singing-dancing-improvisational acting–they shared talents with a brilliant shine. Set me thinking that everyone of us has an essence worthy of sharing. A ... Read More »


Odd moniker for a new popcorn shop on Cape Cod.  Chatted with owner who, after raising family of 4, decided  to take a shot at a business.  She loved to bake but felt  the world had enough great bake shops. Idea popped into her head to experiment with a variety of flavored popcorn she could make from scratch. Indeed created a ... Read More »


A small creative team, three of us, found that if we took the nub of an idea and allowed the free flowing of our impulses to range without limits…it was surprising what results flowed from that “allowing.”  We, my talented web designer, her actor/director brother, and myself, took the seed of a possibility and allowed the fertilization of four movie ... Read More »

Yes I Can!

I came across three examples of people facing adversity and choosing “YES I CAN” as a life roadmap. The first was a mother bragging about her son who had multiple challenges growing up. He was born with cerebral palsy and suffered from life long depression. As an adult, he chose to become a social worker and is now a source ... Read More »

Delivering Dreams

My Hearst colleague, Rex Smith, the Editor of Albany Times Union had this thought in the midst of his weekly column: SCHOOL IS THE DELIVERY SYSTEM OF DREAMS. Seems to me that thought should be on every refrigerator door in the nation. Also in the hands of every teacher in the nation. A straight forward and memorable reminder when voting ... Read More »

Becoming A Speaker

1. Depending where you are located, search for a local chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and join it. Rubbing shoulders with other speakers will guide you towards making your mark as a professional speaker. 2. Evaluate whether you are ready to author a book with a central theme of the point s) you hope to share with audiences. ... Read More »

Italian-Chinese Dream/Action

This is a true story from a 91 yr. old Chinese woman who sat next to met at dinner recently. (Her porcelain skin looked as if she were 41.) I asked about her parents coming from China and she shared this wonderful story: Her father arrived as a young teen from China dreaming of the day he would open his ... Read More »