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Willing to Fail

Willing to Fail by Catherine Dewar Paul, RN, MPH Sam Bridgman defines determination. For his regular workout, he points the wheels of his chair towards the top of the hill. He secures his ankles with straps to keep his lower legs in place. Dressed in athletic gear, he faces the summit, where a sign reads, “13-15% Grade 1,000 Ft. Long.” ... Read More »

Firing My Ego

Why I Fired My Ego Recently the videographer, a great talent who had done all my prior videos, came to our home to film a new DVD series.  We both thought the casual setting  of a living room would make for a more comfortable connection to potential viewers.  He set up all his professional lights in a small area of ... Read More »

Leader Joy

Creating Leader Joy I’d like to invite you to listen to my recent radio interview on Straight Up with Chris : Real Talk on Business & Parenthood. Here is the episode description: We are all faced with many life difficulties. The key is how we navigate through the tough challenges. Often it is a kind word or luck that helps us ... Read More »

Power of Adversity

Self-talk: Turning Limitation to Inspiration My wife and I were among ten dinner guests at a party, most we were meeting for the first time.  The guest across the table was Ike, a mid 70’s former owner of a financial investment firm.  I complimented him on his obvious physically fit trim body.  He told me he plays softball three times ... Read More »

Secret to Public Speaking

Are you nervous when you speak in public? Many speakers are. Whether we are aware of it or not, our nerves are often incited by self-judgment and doubt. Here is a valuable way to shift your attention and improve your speaking: When “you” judge yourself; when your fear, or nerves, or self-doubt begin to overshadow your experience, you are focused ... Read More »

Perpetual Finesse

Finesse is a choice and can be perpetual.  I was at a concert by 60’s legend, Frankie Valli, when the power blew out.  From the dark stage he shouted, “Let’s take an early “inspiration.” When we return, I promise you a night of magic.” We sat in the dark for 20 minutes. Lights now blazing, Frankie popped onto stage and ... Read More »

The Power to Inspire

As a Hall of Fame speaker, I am privileged to speak to huge audiences throughout the year. But I am never am impressed with that audience’s size. Rather, when I receive a comment from one single person as to how my words, my message, have impacted his or her outlook on life and personal sense of “worthiness,”  I smile internally. ... Read More »

Yes I Can!

I came across three examples of people facing adversity and choosing “YES I CAN” as a life roadmap. The first was a mother bragging about her son who had multiple challenges growing up. He was born with cerebral palsy and suffered from life long depression. As an adult, he chose to become a social worker and is now a source ... Read More »

Fierce Joy

I am a proud father and will likely be blogging about all my treasured children. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my remarkable daughter Marsha Therese Danzig,  a childhood bone cancer survivor who had her left leg amputated at fourteen, lost her bladder and her kidneys, yet never accepted physical limitations. Marsha has a Masters degree from Harvard, a ... Read More »