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Free Business Telesummit

Business Fitness There is still time to sign up for the Free Telesummit entitled: “Business Fitness for Peak Performance: How to Make Small, Impactful Changes to Accelerate Your Success!” Enjoy creative tips and insights from outstanding business leaders, authors and thinkers! Each day, starting on Monday October 20th and running through until October 31st (except weekends), you’ll receive a link to an interview with ... Read More »

Spirit in the Workplace

Raising the Spirit Quotient Spirit is never really absent in any of us, in or out of the workplace. However, it can lie dormant. When it does, it may as well be absent. When I was at the helm of Hearst Newspapers, my biggest thrill was acquiring a business with a “neutral” spirit quotient. My challenge was to bring it ... Read More »

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership I define success as the etching one leaves on the lives he or she is privileged to touch. Applied to business, this model merges the needs of employee/colleagues with corporate goals. As the following story illustrates, incorporating this model is not always the most economical short term decision–but successful leaders fuse a longer term view and recognize the ... Read More »

Shakespeare’s Joy of Life

Bob Danzig Relies on Shakespeare I just left the CEO of a major organization who is struggling with an onslaught of difficult news impacting the staff morale. Yet, their top team has a very positive new strategic series of moves ready to share with the staff. She sought guidance for a phrase that might ignite fresh hope with her colleagues. My ... Read More »

Success & Balance

The Key to Success and Balance When I do a keynote workshop for CEO folk, two questions are always in the mix: (1) How do I define success? (2) How did I balance career and family? I always answer by advising the audience the odds are high that they will not find my answers attractive. I define success as “life ... Read More »

Great Team Work

Some dozen bubbling teenage girls waving signs for a carwash to support their school field hockey team — a golden invitation to drive in rather than drive by. When my place inline was #1, an apologetic teen asked me to roll my window down. She, sadly, told me they were “missing a nozzle” for the second hose and the wash ... Read More »

Door Closes, Door Opens

While sharing darkish lounge area at San Francisco hotel, chap across from me began an early morning chat. Told me he was ‘small boat builder’. Had started as engineer, Then became a major dealer sales rep for very large boat company. He designed and proposed a new small boat entry to their line and was turned down. He quit, rented ... Read More »


Odd moniker for a new popcorn shop on Cape Cod.  Chatted with owner who, after raising family of 4, decided  to take a shot at a business.  She loved to bake but felt  the world had enough great bake shops. Idea popped into her head to experiment with a variety of flavored popcorn she could make from scratch. Indeed created a ... Read More »


A small creative team, three of us, found that if we took the nub of an idea and allowed the free flowing of our impulses to range without limits…it was surprising what results flowed from that “allowing.”  We, my talented web designer, her actor/director brother, and myself, took the seed of a possibility and allowed the fertilization of four movie ... Read More »

The Effective Leader

I was interviewed recently by Sam Silverstein, an impressive talent with an online magazine, who specializes in “accountability.”  In questioning me about the value of accountability in business, I told him that the ordinary metrics for sales figures, engineering and production are sensible. However, in my experience and judgment, one must push aside that concept when dealing with the creative ... Read More »