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Delivering Dreams

My Hearst colleague, Rex Smith, the Editor of Albany Times Union had this thought in the midst of his weekly column: SCHOOL IS THE DELIVERY SYSTEM OF DREAMS. Seems to me that thought should be on every refrigerator door in the nation. Also in the hands of every teacher in the nation. A straight forward and memorable reminder when voting ... Read More »

Becoming A Speaker

1. Depending where you are located, search for a local chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and join it. Rubbing shoulders with other speakers will guide you towards making your mark as a professional speaker. 2. Evaluate whether you are ready to author a book with a central theme of the point s) you hope to share with audiences. ... Read More »

Italian-Chinese Dream/Action

This is a true story from a 91 yr. old Chinese woman who sat next to met at dinner recently. (Her porcelain skin looked as if she were 41.) I asked about her parents coming from China and she shared this wonderful story: Her father arrived as a young teen from China dreaming of the day he would open his ... Read More »

Fierce Joy

I am a proud father and will likely be blogging about all my treasured children. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my remarkable daughter Marsha Therese Danzig,  a childhood bone cancer survivor who had her left leg amputated at fourteen, lost her bladder and her kidneys, yet never accepted physical limitations. Marsha has a Masters degree from Harvard, a ... Read More »

Leadership & Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? Management is of the utmost importance to business innovation. However, when separating management and leadership like strands of a rope wound tightly together, the discreet elements suggest that management is about today and leadership is about tomorrow. Management is a series of learned attributes; leadership relies on inherent capabilities. Managements is about ... Read More »

Sunshine of Revelation

He was a fireman. High school graduate. Veteran. And husband to a lady friend of my Dianne’s. Our work backgrounds were totally different, yet I felt a visceral link to him the very first time we met. While we were together occasionally at social events, I never had any deeper conversation than courteous exchanges until last Sunday. Someone asked about ... Read More »