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Willing to Fail

Willing to Fail by Catherine Dewar Paul, RN, MPH Sam Bridgman defines determination. For his regular workout, he points the wheels of his chair towards the top of the hill. He secures his ankles with straps to keep his lower legs in place. Dressed in athletic gear, he faces the summit, where a sign reads, “13-15% Grade 1,000 Ft. Long.” ... Read More »

Invitation Update

As many of you know, I enjoy sharing my life stories in the hopes of empowering others to move forward in their lives. With this in mind, I am updating a previous blog entry with an invitation to contribute a story for one or both of my upcoming new books: “The Moment: From the Darkness of Addiction to the Hope of Recovery” ... Read More »

Yoga for Amputees

Yoga for Amputees The mission of Yoga For Amputees® by Marsha T. Danzig is simple: Get amputees back to wellness and freedom in the body, mind and spirit through the practices of breathing, yoga poses, relaxation, and stress reduction. My precious daughter Marsha is featured in the Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly to promote an upcoming Yoga Class for Amputees she will be offering on April ... Read More »


Dear friends, Announcing the release of my latest anthology Fresh Start Moments: True Stories to Ignite Passion & Purpose! It’s currently available at all your favorite online bookstores in hardcover. Paperback and eBook to follow within the next few weeks. I am pleased to say we are getting a number of orders for Fresh Start Moments. Thank you to those who ... Read More »

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery: An Invitation to Share Your Journey Dear friends, I am the proud father of Steve Danzig, a former alcoholic – now a board registered Interventionist and Drug and Alcohol Counselor, the Executive Director at New Freedom Academy, and a Harley guy. Inspired by Steve’s journey, I am compiling an anthology of stories to highlight the PIVOTAL MOMENT when someone ... Read More »

Free Business Telesummit

Business Fitness There is still time to sign up for the Free Telesummit entitled: “Business Fitness for Peak Performance: How to Make Small, Impactful Changes to Accelerate Your Success!” Enjoy creative tips and insights from outstanding business leaders, authors and thinkers! Each day, starting on Monday October 20th and running through until October 31st (except weekends), you’ll receive a link to an interview with ... Read More »

Word Power

Seek Your Word Power Wiper blades at full speed as we drive thru heavy rain. Concurrent with drenching rain we listen to inspiring words of Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. Both rooted in philosophy guiding one to better know how very “extraordinary” are we as human beings. The message fills our spirit. Lifts us to SEE the value of enriching our sight ... Read More »

God is Good

Kristil Clear  The seamstress single mom never  fails to chat up her 17 year old daughter to every customer who opens the door of her simple shop.  Her child is her pride and joy.  Today, her tears accompanied her comments around the statement ,“God Is Good.”  She said her sweet daughter, Kristil, had lost her wallet, which included money from ... Read More »

For the Grace of God

There, but for the Grace of God, Go I Only 8 words. Said, often silently, when some challenged soul passes our way. Very rare to KNOW anything about that person. Today, walking Cape Cod beach. Looked out at a strong swimmer breaking the waves with his long armed stride. When I turned back from the walkway end,  he was sitting on ... Read More »

Courage & Survival

Courage & Survival This morning I began to think about my lovely daughter Marsha and her brutally honest book Fierce Joy. Marsha has been through so much in her young life and has faced every challenge by seeking the high road.  Her courage in the face of adversity is a constant source of inspiration to everyone who knows her.  Marsha was ... Read More »