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English Grace

Gratitude on the London Tube Road construction impeded ‘above ground’ travel in London–which encouraged us to dare accessing underground tube.  Lost quickly , found us sardine packed in subway car. No movement for a long 10 minutes, the petite blonde nestled right next to us asked our destination.  We, in turn, asked if she could guide us to an alternate route. ... Read More »

God is Good

Kristil Clear  The seamstress single mom never  fails to chat up her 17 year old daughter to every customer who opens the door of her simple shop.  Her child is her pride and joy.  Today, her tears accompanied her comments around the statement ,“God Is Good.”  She said her sweet daughter, Kristil, had lost her wallet, which included money from ... Read More »

For the Grace of God

There, but for the Grace of God, Go I Only 8 words. Said, often silently, when some challenged soul passes our way. Very rare to KNOW anything about that person. Today, walking Cape Cod beach. Looked out at a strong swimmer breaking the waves with his long armed stride. When I turned back from the walkway end,  he was sitting on ... Read More »

36 Second Angel Thread

Angel Threads A high speed elevator ride  with myself and one other.  Courtesy chat.  I sensed turbulence. Gave my riding companion my card and suggested she check my website for a book of her choice – then call me for a gift of that book. She explained that she is a “contract writer” for Oprah magazine.  Later that day, I was at the airport waiting for ... Read More »