You Are Full of Promise

You Are Full of Promise: Life Lessons for Leaders by Bob DanzigYOU ARE FULL OF PROMISE
Life Lessons for Leaders
by Bob Danzig 

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Excerpt: “The ability to persevere through adversity is a profoundly important characteristic of a leader. I think it’s a mindset. If you get in the habit of seeking the positive and doing the best you can with the circumstances; if you take instruction from adversity, it lubricates your enthusiasm, your zest, and your spirit.” – Bob Danzig

About the Book: What qualities lead to a transformational life? How can you elevate your entire approach to business? In this insightful narrative, Bob Danzig shares personal stories and insights to illuminate your journey and help you discover your own leadership potential. Originally recorded from live presentations and taped conversations.

About the MP3: Enjoy more than 100 minutes of a rich live interview.


eBook: ISBN 878-0-9858039-3-3