Every Child Deserves A Champion

Every Child Deserves a Champion: Including the Child Within You by Bob DanzigEVERY CHILD DESERVES A CHAMPION
Including the Child Within You
by Bob Danzig

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About the Book:
 What happens when a child has a champion? In Bob’s case he went from being a foster child to the nationwide head of Hearst Newspapers. Rather than muscles of steel or the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, most of the champions in our lives are individuals whose strength is their compassion for the well-being of others. Every Child Deserves a Champion: Including the Child Within You! is a testimonial to all those who have experienced positive changes because someone chose to champion them or because they championed someone else. These encouraging stories remind us that our words and actions have the power to change lives.

Praise for Every Child Deserves A Champion

“Every Child Deserves a Champion is written by a champion: Bob Danzig has inspired thousands of Americans, including me, by the exemplary life he has led, his popular lectures and his evocative books. Now, once again, this talented author has found a delightful and entertaining way to share with us an enduring truth: each of us can be a champion in this life.”
—Walter Anderson, Chairman and CEO Parade Magazine

“Bob Danzig expertly identified the champion in us by showing what and who champions really are. They are those who teach us of courage and goodness, and they are found right within us every time we reach higher, lift another, and seek further. Bob’s belief that we’re all champions in the making is both uplifting and contagious!”
—Sharlene Hawkes, Former Miss America, Award-winning ESPN Reporter

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