Bob Danzig’s Confidence Academy

Discover how to raise confidence, enhance speaking, improve leadership & boost business with this 4-Video Series hosted by Hall of Fame Speaker, Bob Danzig. Learn the secrets to becoming a more effective speaker & overcoming most people’s #1 fear–speaking in public.

Gain personally and professionally from Bob’s 50+ years of leadership experience. Get invaluable guidance from Bob’s 7 years of teaching the Confidence Course at the New School in NYC. An ideal discussion guide for leaders and managers.

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Video 1–Tools to Enhance Confidence
 includes Bob’s insights on: Having More Successful Conversations • Reducing Shyness • The Power of Words • Coping with Mistakes • Giving and Taking Criticism • Worrying Well

Video 2–Become An Effective Speaker includes Bob’s insights on: Speaking with Impact • Locking In to the Passion of the Topic • Gifting Yourself to the Audience • Illumination as an Objective • Sharing Personal Anecdotes • Seeking Progress–Not Perfection

Video 3–Nurture The Leader Within You includes Bob’s insights on: Management vs. Leadership • Leadership Qualities • Management as a Process–Leadership as a Purpose • Looking for the Root Cause of Problems • Embracing a Spirit of Innovation

Video 4–Leadership Wisdom includes Bob’s insights on: Raising Self-Esteem • Life Truths • The Privilege of Impacting Others • Taking Creative Risks • Keep a Victory Log

Video Excerpt: 

Q. What can I do to help me calm my nerves when I speak in public?

A. Hall of Fame Speaker Bob Danzig: “Many public speakers deal with nerves. Whether you are aware of it or not, your nerves are often incited by self-judgment. Here is a valuable way to shift your attention and improve your speaking: When ‘you’ judge yourself, when your fear or nerves begin to overshadow your experience, I suggest a conscious shift in your intention and attention. Make the experience about your audience instead of about yourself. You are there to uplift others. Right then, make a firm decision to project your words with love. How? Speak from your heart.”