Angel Threads

Angel Threads: How Angels Read the Tapestry of Our Lives by Bob DanzigANGEL THREADS
How Angels Weave the Tapestry of Our Lives
by Bob Danzig


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About the Book:
Would you recognize an angel if you saw one? The most subtle, silk-like threads often prove to be the most brilliant and enduring in the tapestries of our lives. These threads are frequently the results of people we encounter who have been instrumental to our growth. Are these meetings random coincidences or divine whispers? Through the inspiring stories of others, Angel Threads will heighten your awareness of these mystical encounters and shine new light on the relationships in your life.

Praise for Angel Threads

“Much of life consists, whether we know it or not, of a search for structure and meaning. Bob Danzig’s Angel Threads brilliantly illuminates the journey and helps us comprehend the magic and mystery of the forces that guide us.”
—Walter Anderson, Chairman of Parade Magazine

“If you don’t believe in angels, read Bob Danzig’s Angel Threads. He just may change your thinking about heaven-sent influences in our lives. His Angel Threads is fascinating, thought-provoking and convincing.”
—William R. Burleigh, President and CEO, E.W. Scripps Company

“Ever wonder if a guardian angel protects your family? Or if extraordinary acts of kindness are inspired by a greater power? Bob Danzig’s own extraordinary life (the heart of these inspiring stories) should answer your questions.”
—Ellen Levine, Editor-in-Chief, Good Housekeeping Magazine

“Angel Threads will stimulate all its readers to pay attention to the whispers that can help guide us through the wonderful game of life.”
—Al Neuharth, Founder, USA Today

Book ISBN 978-0-9855129-8-9
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