Blue Mist

Beach Treasures

oceanThe welcome fog-like rain quiets the ocean surface and reminds me of the deep value of serenity. Alone here sipping a coffee, until peeking thru the foggy rain are two blue rain coated figures, poking at the sand.

As they approach my car, I hit the window button making it just wide enough to speak through. “What prompts your rainy search?” I ask.

Closing in on my window they answer  in unison, “Our passion is to search for beach treasure shells.” Continuing they say, “We find the greatest variety of colors and shapes when the rain leaves the beach uncluttered by those searching for sun.”

How did you discover that fact about sea shells?

Their answer mirrors all who might be reading this:  “It is our PASSION which invites exploration of the extraordinary–that is what draws us to search on rainy days. The bonus is discovering the shell abundance on these days.”

In short: no passion–no exploration–no discovery!  What are your passions?  How do you nurture them?  What discoveries flow? So glad I came to view this rainy beach and opened the car window to allow yet another daily bonus. Open your window. Be curious. Find your blue coated foggy figures.  Go ahead!!!

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