Blue Man Group

las-vegas-1312721_640Breathtaking is not hyperbolic description of the creative masterpiece called “Blue Man Group.” Intensely rhythmic drumming is the solo sound surrounding a literal explosion of second after second bursts of creative action. A stunning tribute to MAN’S deep and perpetual creativity.

That night bumped right into the outdoor wedding of Trinity and Seth. An outdoor venue set in Red Rock Mountains outside Las Vegas. A majestic comment on the power of nature as the maestro of perpetual beauty. The wedding ceremony was at one with the grandeur of nature hugging it.

Set me thinking of the ongoing gift of marrying man’s ongoing creativity being saluted by a power called nature. WE HAVE THAT EQUATION TO HONOR EVERY DAY.

In all the universe, there is only one you. Consider blending your unique creativity to every trace of nature in your path!

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