Beatles Salute

strawberry-fields-Beatles tributeLas Vegas. The cavernous stage of Cirque du Soleil was a kaleidoscope of creativity in a mesmerizing salute to the Beatles.

The entire audience seemed whisked back to childhood when every color, shape, shade of light, elastic-limbed acrobat and photo cluster of the young Beatles moved as one in a series of WOW moments.

When one asks what affirms the wonder of Vegas, my instant reply would be CIRQUE DU SOLEIL DOING HATS OFF TO MUSIC OF THE BEATLES.

The good news is that this kaleidoscopic wonder flows from the creative spirit of mankind.  Yep-mankind. Just like you and I. Key is to allow our own creative spirit to flow so it may touch and inspire others.

You ARE a kaleidoscope rich with your own music and colors and movements–and your own special beauty. YOU are the theater marquis of YOU!

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