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The Wednesday morning Cape Cod pals have been meeting for discussion and breakfast for several decades. Mix of former surgeons–chief medical officer of hospital–chemist/owner of test lab and PHD/entrepreneur launcher of wide variety of successful businesses. The group chat begins at 6:30 a.m. in the entrepreneur’s business office, which overflows with huge piles of varied items. When gently accused of being ... Read More »

Hospice Room 2

When Norma arrived at hospice to visit her beloved sister, Marian, she found the staff welcoming–the facility sparkling–the atmosphere warm. When she gave Marian’s name, she was guided to Room 2. When she stepped into the room, the nurse attendant hugged her and said she would step aside to allow Norma private time with Marian. This was the first time Norma ... Read More »

Jewel Pals

Local Cape Cod Times columnist, Lawrence Brown, wrote an uplifting and thoughtful column a few weeks back, which led to this blog post about “jewel pals.” I reacted with an email compliment. He responded with suggestion we sip a coffee together. We did. Then we set couples supper to find a sweet compatibility. He and his wife are both fascinating “thinkers,” articulate, informed, ... Read More »

“Y” in Family

For the past 4 days, Dianne and I gathered up our families on Cape Cod. Some 30 lovelies adjusted to 26 due to 1 precious grand enduring arm cuts which impeded travel. Wandering among them at ocean, beach, picnic, salt water swim, play and sand ventures; a robust Pig Roast; whale watch 4 hour cruise (saw 35 of those handsome ... Read More »

Choosing Joy

His bubbling charmer of a mom, a pal since 3rd grade of my wife, Dianne. Real pals. Real longevity. Real sharing of hills and valleys of life. Judy’s greatest joy was her Hollywood handsome son. More than the apple of her eye, he was the anchor of her life. That life changed immeasurably–as did his–when the dark night phone call advised ... Read More »