Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tradition Counts

Creating Traditions  I met a sales lady at Pier 1. She had been a professional ballet dancer and later became a teacher. Now retired, she lives in Cape Cod.  She danced with the New York City Ballet, which summered at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  I was on their Board with my dear pal, Lew Swyer. When Lew became chairman of SPAC, ... Read More »

Gay Pride

Gay Pride Parade Attended Provincetown annual Gay Pride Parade. A wide variety of costumes lingering between highly creative and bizarre. Found the latter a heap more interesting. 25 years ago these revelers would be stoned by crowds. Now they marry-adopt kids-achieve serenity. It’s proof that mankind keeps emerging-growing-loving. Plus having tons more fun. Glad the 25 years gone. Read More »

Names Matter

The Power of a Name It is pleasing to see how the face tone changes when a server in a restaurant is asked, “What is your name?”  A smile pops.  And then, when you recall that name during the event, you can feel  that person’s warmth .  One’s name, spoken with genuine interest, is like a bath in warm milk.   ... Read More »