Monthly Archives: April 2014

36 Second Angel Thread

Angel Threads A high speed elevator ride  with myself and one other.  Courtesy chat.  I sensed turbulence. Gave my riding companion my card and suggested she check my website for a book of her choice – then call me for a gift of that book. She explained that she is a “contract writer” for Oprah magazine.  Later that day, I was at the airport waiting for ... Read More »

Progressive Forum

Progressive Forum The average age is 85 yrs. for a cluster of people who label themselves, “The Progressive Forum.”  Today’s entertainment is singing grannies and one former showgirl. There is a patient lull in the room while they maneuver to the front of the room, either very slowly or on walkers. Then, “the singing grannies” burst into song, six in ... Read More »

Awkward Moments

Self-Effacing Humor Five  years ago in Spokane, Washington, I was speaking to top Leaders in the Agriculture world. Poised on traditional stool. Spent 4 hours speaking smack in front ofthe 25 audience. At first break, an attendee points out that  I  am wearing 2 DIFFERENT Shoes. Packing error.  This week speaking in Denver to another Leadership group of 25.Four  hours. First segment. Seated on stool ... Read More »