Monthly Archives: October 2013

Peace Versus Speed

Choosing Serenity Those Eastern folk fortunate enough to chase the sun in Florida often drive the high speed, car and truck filled I-95. I have often done that myself with fingers gripped on the steering wheel and anxious eyes weaving between the army of trucks. A Cape Cod pal suggested an alternative through the back roads of Pennsylvania/Viginia/ West Virginia ... Read More »

Father Daughter Survival

"Throughout the most difficult health challenges, Marsha was the lit candle that helped our family embrace spirit." Read More »

Great Team Work

Some dozen bubbling teenage girls waving signs for a carwash to support their school field hockey team — a golden invitation to drive in rather than drive by. When my place inline was #1, an apologetic teen asked me to roll my window down. She, sadly, told me they were “missing a nozzle” for the second hose and the wash ... Read More »


At 21st birthday of my grandson, a third year acting student in California. Guests included pals from high school who flew cross country and current classmates. Those college students each had an aura of “talent light” around them. Singing-dancing-improvisational acting–they shared talents with a brilliant shine. Set me thinking that everyone of us has an essence worthy of sharing. A ... Read More »

Door Closes, Door Opens

While sharing darkish lounge area at San Francisco hotel, chap across from me began an early morning chat. Told me he was ‘small boat builder’. Had started as engineer, Then became a major dealer sales rep for very large boat company. He designed and proposed a new small boat entry to their line and was turned down. He quit, rented ... Read More »


Odd moniker for a new popcorn shop on Cape Cod.  Chatted with owner who, after raising family of 4, decided  to take a shot at a business.  She loved to bake but felt  the world had enough great bake shops. Idea popped into her head to experiment with a variety of flavored popcorn she could make from scratch. Indeed created a ... Read More »