Monthly Archives: August 2013

Perpetual Finesse

Finesse is a choice and can be perpetual.  I was at a concert by 60’s legend, Frankie Valli, when the power blew out.  From the dark stage he shouted, “Let’s take an early “inspiration.” When we return, I promise you a night of magic.” We sat in the dark for 20 minutes. Lights now blazing, Frankie popped onto stage and ... Read More »

The Power to Inspire

As a Hall of Fame speaker, I am privileged to speak to huge audiences throughout the year. But I am never am impressed with that audience’s size. Rather, when I receive a comment from one single person as to how my words, my message, have impacted his or her outlook on life and personal sense of “worthiness,”  I smile internally. ... Read More »

Yes I Can!

I came across three examples of people facing adversity and choosing “YES I CAN” as a life roadmap. The first was a mother bragging about her son who had multiple challenges growing up. He was born with cerebral palsy and suffered from life long depression. As an adult, he chose to become a social worker and is now a source ... Read More »

A Father’s Choices

Arits fled Ethiopia for political asylum in the US. He set up life in Seattle, met his wife, and fathered two sons. An electrical engineer, he was not allowed to work here unless he went to college again to satisfy license needs. He could not afford that and became a taxi driver. He chose the 3 a.m. shift start to insure ... Read More »