Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Poetry of Poetry

I attended my first ever poetry reading session a few night ago in Cape Cod. I was actually there to support my daughter Marsha, who was among the readers.  Expected lofty, exotic stuff and was prepared to suffer through it all. To my delight, a powerful first reading was followed by more powerful series of poets reading their marvelous materials. ... Read More »

No One Way Streets, Please

I am offering a new class at the local community center while summering in Cape Cod.   The facility offers heaps of parking and a staff who exude a sense of welcome. One couple attending described a bit of their background before mentioning they were celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary. They were 22 yrs. when they married. Both were asked by classmates ... Read More »

Joy is a Choice

Recently,  I was able to  quietly slip into a booksigning and talk given by my precious daughter Marsha, a gifted author, dancer, and the founder of Yoga for Amputees. Before I arrived, she had already backgrounded the attendees on her many life challenges with severe illnesses. A questioner asked, “How are you so cheerful after what you described to us? Marsha held up her book, Fierce Joy. ... Read More »

Don’t Choke on Your Girdle

Dear pal working for summer at an upscale women’s lingerie store renowned for custom measuring for ‘”just the right fit.”  Recently, a rather snooty client wearing her affluence on her sleeve, came in to try on a long body-shaping girdle she had been measured for. The garment was designed to boost the bosom, hide the waist flab, and cushion the tummy.  She insisted she be left alone in a private fitting ... Read More »

Sex and the Single Girl

After her breakthrough book, Sex and the Single Girl, Helen Gurley Brown became the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was a star in all she touched. On her passing, she urged that a large part of her estate be used to develop truly unique programs to embrace low-income, disadvantaged kids. I was privileged to be in New York City ... Read More »