Monthly Archives: June 2013

Why Yield to Temptation?

Why yield to the temptation to write a book? Why risk creating something unworthy or etching a work with the implication of perpetual presence? Because you have a voice and something meaningful to say. When that singular impulse rises in you, toss away fear of risk. Celebrate your impulse by taking action, and hug the prospect of achievement and permanence. This ... Read More »

America’s Naval Champions

Driving cross county, my wife and I stopped in Annapolis, where we visited the Naval Academy. There, we learned about the stunning daily discipline of every cadet. Our host pointed out that the 1200 cadets accepted (from 20,000 applicants) all have something in common. Each has a cluster of champions advocating for them. My impulse is recollection of my book “Every Child ... Read More »

The Problem With No Problem

We recently went to eat at the Olive Garden restaurant with a few friends. I asked our server Jacques if he was a student. He said he was a music major graduating in a few weeks. When we requested some extra napkins, Jacques said, “No problem.” This is a phrase I hear very often and always give the same response. “I ... Read More »

The Effective Leader

I was interviewed recently by Sam Silverstein, an impressive talent with an online magazine, who specializes in “accountability.”  In questioning me about the value of accountability in business, I told him that the ordinary metrics for sales figures, engineering and production are sensible. However, in my experience and judgment, one must push aside that concept when dealing with the creative ... Read More »

Let It Rip

Sent this note to my daughters today: “I just picked up two floral bouquets for Kira’s mom Bea, who will be 93 yrs. in September. Every time I go to work with Kira, my webdesign queen, Bea is sweeping out the front door enroute to serving someone. But first, she gives me a warm “arms flung high” hug as a greeting. ... Read More »