Monthly Archives: February 2013

Italian-Chinese Dream/Action

This is a true story from a 91 yr. old Chinese woman who sat next to met at dinner recently. (Her porcelain skin looked as if she were 41.) I asked about her parents coming from China and she shared this wonderful story: Her father arrived as a young teen from China dreaming of the day he would open his ... Read More »

Fierce Joy

I am a proud father and will likely be blogging about all my treasured children. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my remarkable daughter Marsha Therese Danzig,  a childhood bone cancer survivor who had her left leg amputated at fourteen, lost her bladder and her kidneys, yet never accepted physical limitations. Marsha has a Masters degree from Harvard, a ... Read More »

Leadership & Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? Management is of the utmost importance to business innovation. However, when separating management and leadership like strands of a rope wound tightly together, the discreet elements suggest that management is about today and leadership is about tomorrow. Management is a series of learned attributes; leadership relies on inherent capabilities. Managements is about ... Read More »

Sunshine of Revelation

He was a fireman. High school graduate. Veteran. And husband to a lady friend of my Dianne’s. Our work backgrounds were totally different, yet I felt a visceral link to him the very first time we met. While we were together occasionally at social events, I never had any deeper conversation than courteous exchanges until last Sunday. Someone asked about ... Read More »